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Tomorrow belongs to Triple-Bottom Line companies: Profitable, Environmentally-Conscious & Socially-Ethical. The ability to see tomorrow rests a fourth dimension – Energy Efficient. Both Public Policy and Competitive Economics compel greater emphasis on adoption of LED lighting in the modern office today.

Well-designed LED lights are long lasting – negating the need for constant replacements and disruption of work. They also consume less power, half that of conventional lights – enabling lower spend on energy. Finally, they generate lesser heat (research suggests a 25% reduction in AHU load by equivalent use of LED lighting).


Our unique Lighting-as-a-Service offering is a Zero Capex, Zero Opex model that enables Institutions to embrace the benefits of LED lighting without assuming on any of its risks. Issues that deter large-scale adoption of LED lighting include the Failure risk of new technology, concerns on longevity & product quality, large upfront capital investment and limited understanding of lamp maintenance.

We engage with clients to first assess operations and the lighting needs of the premises; we design lamps accordingly. Lamps – not entire fittings – thereby obviating the need for any re-wiring or possible change in aesthetics. We then invest on behalf of the client, install and maintain these against any deviation from performance benchmarks. This is done on the back of long-tenure contracts (5-10 years typically). You pay us a portion of the savings we help generate, which are estimated through exhaustive metering processes. Clients start saving from Day One, without any upfront investment.


We work with leading companies across domains and geographies to recognize, assess and adopt the merits of LED Lighting. Our solutions are tailored to the nature of premises, structure of operation and a Zero-cost adoption.

Existing workspaces require Customized Solutions, Low installation-downtimes, No rewiring need and consistency of aesthetics. Energized Solutions enables institutions to gain just this.

For Homes, Small Offices and Smaller Premises

Our LED Lamps, the Zappo series, are designed and manufactured by us specific for Indian conditions. For the maximum light per watt, 10-30% higher than other leading brands. For voltage tolerance between 100V to 300Volts, the highest range in any LED lamp.

And on top of that, for a sharp reduction in heat load on your air conditioning system, leading to further reduction in power consumption.

Zappo is available for 100% retrofit into your existing fixtures. Just twist-out your existing lamp, twist-in Zappo.

Products Details
Zappo Glo

Power : 7W
Base : B22
Replaces : 14 Watt CFL/100 Watt Bulb
AC Input Voltage : 100-300V
PF : >0.9
Light Color : Cool White/warm White

Zappo Elite

Power: 6W/7W
Base: G24/G23
Replaces: 14 Watt CFL/100 Watt Bulb
AC Input Voltage: 100-300V
PF: >0.9
Light Color: Cool White/warm White

Zappo Halo

Power: 5W Base: MR16(GX5.3)
Replaces: 50W Halogen
AC Input Voltage: 100-300V
PF: >0.9
Light Color: Cool White/warm White

Zappo PRo

Power: 16W Base: 2G11
Replaces: 36W CFL
AC Input Voltage: 100-300V
PF: >0.9
Light Color: Cool White/warm White

Zappo Maxx t5

Power: 8W/15W/24W
Replaces: 14W/28W/54W T5 Tube Light
AC Input Voltage: 100-300V
PF: >0.9
Light Color: Cool White/warm White

Zappo Maxx t8

Power: 8W/16W/18W
Replaces: 20W/36W/40W
AC Input Voltage: 100-300V
PF: >0.9
Light Color: Cool White/warm White

For Institutional buyers – offices, factories, warehouses, townships, hotels, hospitals

We offer a unique, only one of its kind package. Lighting-as-a-Service or Laas.

With LaaS, you don’t have to spend a single rupee on buying our LED Lamps. Zero Capex. And since we manufacture our LED lights to retrofit into whatever fixtures you have, installation becomes a simple “twist-out, twist-in”. No re-wiring, no civil or mechanical work, no change in aesthetics. We supply, install warranty, and maintain the lamps for the lifetime of the contract, typically 5 to 10 years.

Ad there is zero Opex too, for the lifetime of the contract. We measure and prove the saving in energy costs due to the use of our LED Lamps, and all you do is to pay us, every month, a portion of the savings. After you see the saving in your electric consumption.

This means that not only do you have zero capital expenditure, you actually save money every month, for the lifetime of the contract. Money that you save in direct energy consumption, in indirect energy consumption (due to significantly lower heat load on your air conditioning system) and on maintenance & replacements of lights.